Suite Research Tools

Web Creator Suite brings together all the research tools you need into a single, fully integrated platform. All the capabilities you need, for a range or project, working seamlessly together.

  • Save time with familiar, integrated tools
  • Build once, use everywhere – PC, Tablet, Mobile
  • Scriptable when needed, point-and-click when not
  • Create experiences respondents love to use

Discussions / Bulletin Boards

Discussions (sometimes also known as "bulletin boards") allow people to post their views, upload videos/photos and complete engaging tasks like heat maps and mood boards..

  • Fun for days, weeks or months
  • Feels like a modern social media site
  • Easily collect video and photos
  • Fun, creative tasks lead to high engagement
  • Add unlimited moderators & observers

Focus Groups

We provide tools to support traditional focus groups, together with tools to bring focus groups completely online when it is appropriate.

  • "Homework Tasks" can be completed before a group
  • Well priced, but powerful - featuring 10+ task types
  • Alternatively, Bring focus groups online using "Live Chat"


Create long-term communities that are modern and engaging, and will work on well on computers, tablets and phones. Run individual activities, or larger projects, for members and reward them for their efforts.

  • Completely customisable theming
  • Set your own registration/profiling questions
  • Powerful member screening & searching
  • Integrated Electronic Rewards

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