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Got a minute or two to spare?

We know you're busy, so we have packaged all the key points about Web Community Creator into this 90 seconds introductory video.

Once you have seen what we do, sign up for free and try it for yourself.

Got 90 Seconds?

We know you're busy, so we have packaged all the key points about Web Community Creator into this 90 second introductory video.

There's no better way to quickly find out what makes Web Community Creator so much better than other "old school" discussion products.

Once you have seen what we do, sign up for free and try it for yourself.

Welcome to Web Community Creator – a cloud-based discussion and community platform that promotes high levels of engagement, and provides deep insights.

We have lots of features…

Familiar. Easy. Fun

Add text, photos and videos just like you do in social media apps. Like, dislike and follow. Feel comfortable, say more and show more.

Live. Vibrant. Immediate.

Feel connected, as new comments, replies, likes and dislikes are shown instantly on the page as they happen.

Works everywhere

The interface looks the same everywhere – with screen resolution only affecting number of columns of comments shown.


A “timeline” shows everything a participant has done in a chronological format – emails received, comments made, pictures taken.

Stage, Test, Pitch

Not ready to go live? No budget yet? Why not run a test with your moderators and clients – all completely free. Great for pitching for work.

Unlimited Admins & Mods

Need an extra administrator? Want to add a moderator or observer? No problem – they come at no additional cost. Ever.

Manage Participants

Create a registration survey, or import from Excel. Build a profile. Tag participants. Send Emails and SMS. It’s all here.

Word Cloud, Highlights, Tags

We provide all the analysis tools you expect – and more. Gain greater insights and sift through the data efficiently and effortlessly.

Word & Excel Transcripts

Export transcript text to Excel, or create a professional transcript report with highlighted text, replies, images and a full index to Word.

… but we’re more than just a feature list…

We take our features seriously. They are not just bullet-points. They are “best of breed”, going beyond the basics:

  • The entire interface works like hugely popular social applications people are already used to.
  • Participants can upload multiple images at a time. They are shown in an “image set” similar to popular social apps.
  • Participants can enter comments, replies, likes and dislikes. They can follow comments and report abuse.
  • Everything is “live” – comments, likes etc. show immediately – creating a vibrant site that enhances social interaction


Pay nothing until you are ready. Then pay a little.

Grab a free account

You may only have a need for discussions on an irregular, adhoc basis. We understand. That’s why creating your account in Web Community Creator is 100% free. You only pay for discussions when you run them.

Test, pitch, sell … at no cost.

Do your clients like to test a discussion before it goes live? Do you want to pitch them something they may not have even thought of? No problem. Open your discussion for testing and comment. Again… 100% free.

Go Live! Only pay for what you use.

So you’ve pitched your clients, tested your discussion, and recruited your participants. It’s time to open your discussion. Pricing is cheap, and simple – based on the length of the discussion. Extensions are easy, and when it’s all over, conduct analysis with no time constraints or additional cost.

1 Day



3 Days




$849 for 7 days then


per day

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Discussions are just the beginning…

Web Community Creator has been built with love by the team at Dipolar – the same guys who build Web Survey, CATI, Panel and Community Software for more than 6000 clients worldwide. Why not pay us a visit and see how suite Market Research software can truly be.

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